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Curriculum Development

High quality curriculum development takes time, content knowledge and commitment to best practices.  I will work with you to build curricula that will organize your educational program, or design units within your program, in ways that will help your teachers and students to achieve new levels.   From making clear the "big ideas"  to "key skills/content" to assessments, quality curricula are essential to quality schools. Put my experience to work for you!  For sample curricula, please click here.  For an example of a new, on-line resource, please click here.

To learn more about the large menu of important services that can be provided to schools and individuals, please click here.

Quality Products: The Principal's Collection

With over two decades in education, I know what products can help your school reach new levels.  High quality, imprinted items can increase school spirit and pride.  And the right items in the classroom can increase student performance.  Thanks to our partnership with Raye Limited, Inc., I can provide you with ideas and practically any imprinted item under the sun....And I can do it at a great price.  Visit "The Principal's Collection" HERE.

If it's books or teaching materials you seek, I can use my experience and network to find what your school needs to reach new levels.  Don't forget to check out my Amazon store.  It includes must reads for your education and Jewish studies needs!


Rabbi Shmuel Jablon